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In Short: Wilco Kelderman about Tour and Team

Giro 2013 (Ischia TTT)
Another great interview by Barry Ryan here

In Short:

1.TdF Grand Départ round the corner: “It’s really near my home so it’s a really big motivation. I think it’s a good opening time trial for me, because it’s a bit longer than a prologue. Last year, the time trials were good for me but I think I can make more progress with the bike and material.
The route looks OK for me, although the first week with the cobblestone stages and the Mur de Huy is going to be really important. I just like to ride the French races so I’m really looking forward to riding the Tour in the coming year.
I hope to begin really good at the Tour and then I hope to go for top 15, top 10. That’s going to be my goal, as high up as possible, but it’s hard to say which place. Anything can happen, especially at the Tour with the crashes and everything, but I am going for a high classification.”

2. Team Lotto-Jumbo: “It’s really a Dutch team now. All of the Netherlands is looking to us and all of the riders are speaking Dutch. Only George Bennett maybe not. Of course, we looked to other teams and there was a lot of interest but I feel good on this team and the first choice was to stay with Belkin and now with Lotto-Jumbo. Of course it was necessary to talk to different teams but my first choice was always Team Lotto.
No one expected that Belkin would stop so it was a little bit of a surprise for the whole team when that happened. Then during the Tour, it was announced that there would be a new sponsor and the situation was already a lot better. I think we are a really special team, especially in the Netherlands.
In a lot of races I am one of the leaders and outside of the races I’m one of the bigger guys on the team. I’m more important now, I feel it already.”

Cyclocross: Mathieu Van der Poel as Sint Niklaas

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1 Van der Poel Mathieu 
2 Pauwels
3 Bosmans 
4 Adams 
5 Taramarcaz 
6 Meisen 
7 Bastaans 
8 Van der Poel
10 Wellens

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Here She Comes! Sarah Storey for Women's Hour Record

Sarah Storey:
"Excited to announce I will be attempting the Women's Hour Record @RevolutionUK on Saturday 28th February. Training is going well! ‪#‎paincave‬ "

In Short: Sep Vanmarcke is ready for cobbles

For  Igor Decraene
You know I belove Barry Ryan's writing style, and  Sep Vanmarcke is one of my favourite riders. 
In spite I normally support Fabian Cancellara I wanted Vanmarcke to win that fucking Roubaix when he got beated in that fucking velodrome. Sorry for the vulgarity but it has been a fucking shame!
I like  Sep Vanmarcke's attitude, not an easy one. He was the only one protesting against the reduction of the pavé sections in the last Tour de France for safety reasons in that hellish weather. Very unpopular, but Roubaix riders look the Hell into the eye, so I get his point. 
Now  there is a splendid interview with Sep Vanmarcke by Barry Ryan, read it  all HERE.

In Short:
1. Strong: “I don’t think about it a lot but, yeah, if I think back, I was really strong in those races – like Cancellara, of course. And if you count those races together, then we probably were the strongest two in the field, although if you look separately at the Tour of Flanders, then Van Avermaet was also really strong."
2. Want a win: "Straight after the Classics season I wasn’t overly happy because I really wanted to win a big race and it didn’t happen. But now after, what, half a year, I have to be satisfied because I was strong in every race, not just a few races. In every Classic I did, I was up there and I’m still only 25. Each year I’m getting better and better and now I’m looking forward to next season. I hope to make another step.
3. Tour of Flanders: "[In 2014] I waited too long: I wouldn’t say I was going to win but I lost my chances there because of my own mistake. I think mostly I just need to have patience and just get a little bit stronger. As for tactics, you can always change something. Maybe as I get older, I’ll get more relaxed and I’ll just take the right decisions more often."
"[Now training in SpainWhen I go back next week I will do it [the finale of the Tour of Flanders] a few times again. It’s close to my home so it’s a perfect training route. Time goes fast when you ride on it, it’s interesting and every time you do it you get to know the course a little bit better. Nobody can know the road as well as I do. I know every rock and every hole in the ground because it’s just my training location.
I don’t need a lot of races. One small stage race is enough for me because I can suffer enough in training if I want and that’s how I prepare. I don’t need those ten or fifteen race days."
4. Sole leader: "I think this year it was the first time that I was a [sole] leader and my teammates said that it was the first time that they had a real leader who they knew would be fighting there at the finish for the win. So they’ve got a lot of confidence and experience now and it’s the same for me. If they have confidence in me, they will work harder for me and then I can have more confidence in myself too.”
5. Opponents: "I don’t know, but I don’t think Tom [Boonen] will be stronger than in the past. For Tom and for Cancellara, the maximum they can do is to keep the level that they have. I can’t speak for Tom because I don’t see him in training, I only see him in races. It’s difficult. I’m sure the races are more open now. Like I said, they [Boonen and Cancellara] are definitely not getting stronger and people like me and, for example, Degenkolb and Van Avermaet, are getting closer to their best level and still getting better. The gaps were getting closer last year and it will get even closer this year I think.
I don’t know if Sagan will get stronger, I expect more of the same from him. Alexander Kristoff was only a little bit behind the strongest guys on the cobbles this year so one day he will be there. For me it’s a big problem to beat him the sprint, and it’s the same with Degenkolb and a few more guys who are just faster than me. I need to get rid of them… I don’t think I have to be alone to win but I just need to have a super day, like when I beat Boonen. To win a sprint, I need a day like that. That’s the problem but I don’t think it’s impossible."
6. Other cobbles: “I think every time I have a chance to have a stage on the Tour de France that goes over cobbles, I have to try to win it.  [Cobbles are also in RR Worlds in Richmond] I think it’s almost time that Van Avermaet and I can change positions with Boonen and maybe Gilbert. We’re getting better. We’re up there in every big race, in the finals, fighting for the win. So I think for me as well, I’m ready to take another step.”